About us

Embrace a Celestial Affair

Intertwining contemporary vibrance with Indian heritage, Chandbari unveils a resplendent tapestry, reimagining the regal opulence and sartorial finesse of Mughal heritage to enthrall the discerning modern muse of the twenty-first century.

With an allure that evokes curiosity, nostalgia, and the essence of a bohemian soul, the Chandbari muse gracefully radiates the essence of the moon. It is within her ethereal presence that the cosmic light finds its earthly embodiment. Step into the realm of Chandbari, and you may discover that this ethereal muse is none other than you.

Our Craft

We celebrate the timeless artistry born from the soul of India. Chandbari breathes life into the essence of Indian craftsmanship, infusing every stitch, every embellishment, and every intricate detail with a profound sense of reverence.

Our garments stand as poetic testaments to the skill and dedication of our artisans, who weave dreams into reality with their nimble fingers and creative spirits. Each thread whispers stories of generations past, carried forward by the hands that shape our creations.

About the Founder

Savoring his renaissance of creative energy after graduating NIFT Kolkata in 2014, Saajan pioneered a brand that celebrates our cosmic belongingness. A homegrown dream planted in 2017, Chandbari is a love poem to our country’s traditional crafts. Luxe in essence and Indian in inspiration, our pieces reinterpret the aesthetic elegance and couture of Mughal heritage to cater to the modern sensibilities of the 21st century woman. Curious, nostalgic and bohemian, the Chandbari muse is someone who carries the light of the moon. And we believe, the next Chandbari muse could be you.

Mission & Vision

Embracing the true spirit of empowerment, chaandbari not only treasures the rich heritage of Indian artistry but also acts as a catalyst for change. We believe in fostering a sustainable future, where the artisanal communities are cherished and empowered. By collaborating with local craftsmen, we create a virtuous cycle that nurtures their talents, preserves traditional techniques, and uplifts entire communities.